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After almost two decades of experience with SyteLine ERP, we are your trusted source for ERP support and information. Take a look at our Intro to SyteLine video and read our Feature List for the new SyteLine 9.

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Analysis & Assesment

We work with you to identify pain points and create the perfect solutions for your business needs.



Deploy & Support

Our dedicated team compliments yours on full-scale implementations and small enhancements.



Training & Maintenance

By partnering with us, you get the the stability of systems maintenance and monitoring as well as training in best-practices.

SyteLine ERP Consultants

Why choose ECI? Simply put; we will solve your business problems.

For over 15 years, ECI has helped our clients with increasingly difficult situations. Our SyteLine ERP solutions have led to tens of millions in cost savings through inventory controls & reductions, labor force re-alignment, technology solutions, creative M&A structures, increased stock value, and overall efficiency gains. Together, we partner with YOU to craft & execute well thought-out and potentially redesigned business processes. See for yourself by looking at some of our SyteLine ERP Project Snapshots.

ECI is a global provider of process efficiency and technical/advisory consulting services. Our forte is the selection, implementation, effective use and support of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business tools and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. We have built a strong SyteLine team of multiple MBAs, CPIMs, CMAs, PMPs, and Mensa members to bring more than just “additional team members” to augment your project.

We bring best practices, experience, and most importantly; expertise.  Our team gets it right the first time, every time  (feel free to peruse their profiles). This has led us to have a solid reputation with our clients as a trusted Industry Leader and allows us to maintain an independent perspective while providing top-quality, cost-effective solutions to about 400 companies, and counting.

ECI Supports:

black-check-mark-hi SyteLine ERP (Progress and SQL)
black-check-mark-hi Microsoft Dynamics ERP
black-check-mark-hi Symix ERP
black-check-mark-hi MFG Pro
black-check-mark-hi Fourthshift
black-check-mark-hi Microsoft Dynamics CRM
black-check-mark-hi All Progress-based systems
black-check-mark-hi All SQL-based systems

Infor SyteLine ERP

What is SyteLine?

SyteLine is a robust ERP solution from Infor® which allows you to work both smarter and faster. Specifically designed to improve productivity through highly efficient process flows, SyteLine ERP offers deep industry functionality across the manufacturing and distribution sectors. To learn more, visit our popular What is SyteLine? FAQ page and watch these videos:


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