Too often an organization relies on internal employees to design and construct “home grown” business systems that handle things like accounting or inventory. While it might be an economically sound decision at the time, this practice can lead to major compatibility issues in the future when upgrades and new technology arises. Add to this the implication that your internal staff is typically only an expert in their niche, and you end up with a convoluted system that does not address all your needs and is too expensive to upgrade easily.

Business consultants are your friend when it comes to Enterprise Resource Planning and business analysis. With the experience and knowledge accrued over years of working with businesses just like yours, a business consultant can enter your world and become part of your team. Learning the ins and outs of your entire organization is just part of the process, reporting back to you with an in depth understanding of your wants, needs, and challenges.

Frequently, you and your team are too busy doing your jobs to think about how you could possibly do your job even better. Your processes were set up before you got there, presumably by someone that could not have anticipated the future of the industry or even the technology advancements that might come along. Business consultants are experts at strategic planning, so they are able to take a 360 degree view of your organization and craft an ERP system that will not only improve your processes today but allow for better improvements in the future as well.

Choosing an ERP or other enterprise business software for a large, medium, or even small business is a daunting task. CEO’s and employees on the factory floor are all busy with their own management jobs, yet investing in an ERP requires strategic planning from all involved in the organization. This is because an all encompassing software that cohesively connects your business processes affects everyone involved.

This is why savvy business professionals have come to trust and rely on business consultants. When it comes to choosing the right software for your company, you need someone that can analyze your data, procedures, and existing software to best determine what suite of applications will best serve your team and your company. Contact an ECI consultant today to find how our business consultant experts can assist your business.


You have your entire organization to think about, from payroll to vendor agreements to regional and legal compliance issues; how can you be expected to conduct a detailed business analysis that will incorporate and benefit every single employee that’s effected by the changes associated with a large scale ERP project?

By putting your trust in experienced business consulting services, you get the wealth of knowledge and experience that comes from years of helping businesses just like yours. By using best practices and tested methods, the right business consultant can help you rest easy as your organization is placed in the careful hands of someone who knows what you need to succeed.

Contact an ECI representative today to find out how our experienced business consultants can help your company achieve the success it deserves.


We Listen to YOU – Every successful business consultation starts right here! We recognize that it is vitally important to understand our customer’s business goals, processes, needs, and budget requirements at the beginning of the consultation.

We Employ TOP Resources – ECI team members are literally pioneers in the ERP industry with 20yrs of experience in business consulting. Our consultants use best practices to deliver top-quality, cost-effective ERP solutions by combining solid industry know-how with specialized technical expertise.

We Work Around YOUR Schedule – ECI appreciates that each company has unique timelines and requirements for their business consultation or project, so we make ourselves available to meet your deadlines. Our business consultants maintain flexible schedules which enables round the clock support and rapid deployment to your site to keep you on track.

We Provide Extraordinary VALUE – Our clients are always pleased with the results – we don’t quit until that is the case! We have saved clients millions of dollars in reduced inventory levels, shorter cycle times, and more timely analysis of information as well as enhanced simplification of the supply chain. Our business consultants also steadfastly adhere to high moral principles and professional standards. We will set expectations honestly and follow through with every detail, keeping you informed all along the way.