Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software has become one of the most popular solutions on the planet, which is why ECI has partnered with Salesforce to bring this innovative solution to your organization. ECI’s 12+ years of CRM analysis & implementation experience is well suited to this cloud based customer focused software, while our consultants & developers are on hand waiting to help your business connect with customers and increase revenue. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how Salesforce CRM can assist your business.

Salesforce CRM is a “cloud” solution that gives you the hardware & software-free functionality your business needs to face the challenges of modern customer focused businesses. With this CRM, you will be able to:

  • Improve customer relationships & experiences via easier access to customer info so as to provide superior support
  • Increase revenue & referrals from existing customer pipeline through increased customer satisfaction and proactive renewal/referral management
  • Increase sales productivity and close more deals with best-practice processes & tools
  • Optimize marketing programs via real-time tracking analytics for budget and ROI through the lead-to-order process and the customer lifecycle
  • Improve products & services by capturing customer feedback and measuring satisfaction
  • Reduce costs by moving to software-free “cloud” based systems that reduce need for IT support
  • Measure & optimize performance with real-time analytics and dashboards powered by your CRM

 A Salesforce CRM solution from ECI can you give you the customer visibility & connectivity needed to grow revenue, increase satisfaction, and get repeat business. From sales operations automation to forecasting and analytics, this CRM solution is a complete customer resource management tool designed to meet your needs.

Also, thanks to our extensive knowledge of CRM software, you can rest assured that a Salesforce solution from ECI will be personalized and configured to meet your business’ unique expectations. ECI has built a strong proficiency in the technical solution of Customer Relationship Management systems – we bring best practices, experience, and expertise to augment your CRM project, and we believe we can bring your business the success it deserves.

Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how Salesforce CRM can assist your organization.