With our intimate knowledge of Progress Software Applications, ECI Consultants can help you develop custom add-on solutions to seamlessly integrate with your Progress Software. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how our Progress Solutions can assist your business.

While the majority of our Progress add-on solutions are highly custom, and arrived at by closely working with a particular client to suit their organization’s need, we do have several pre-packaged solutions as listed below. Over the last decade, ECI has taken repeated requests for certain functional applications built in PROGRESS/4GL, and we now offer the following packaged Add-Ons to your PROGRESS/4GL Applications:

Progress Pro-Email – Integrate the power of Microsoft Outlook directly into your PROGRESS/4GL Application.

Progress Pro-Email can read and write to Microsoft Outlook’s Contact list, as well as send email with information straight from your PROGRESS RDBMS! Pro-Email v4.0 is now capable of mass-mailing a list of addresses. This Progress add-on product is particularly useful for Vendor notifications, and Sales Promotions.

Progress Pro-Excel – If you continually receive complaints about the poor reporting format capabilities of PROGRESS/4GL, then Progress Pro-Excel is for you. Now, it is possible to take data directly from your PROGRESS Database, send it to Microsoft Excel, format the spreadsheet and present the information in a much more user-friendly environment.

This Progress add-on is excellent for sales presentations and presentations to management!

Progress Pro-Quality – Many industry-leading ERP packages lack a good Quality Control module.

Progress Pro-Quality easily integrates with Symix, Syteline, MFG/Pro and other PROGRESS databases to fill this gap. Installation/Integration usually takes less than 40 consulting hours! Make better purchasing and process flow decisions by easily tracking the right information, order the Pro-Quality Progress add-on today!

Progress SyteCAD – This is an excellent interface between Syteline & AutoCAD. Through discussions with many manufacturing companies who utilize Syteline, from FrontStep Systems, we found that the engineering resources were entering Bill of Material (BOM) data into Syteline, after having spent hundreds of man-hours creating the BOM structure in AutoCAD. This PROGRESS/4GL & Visual Basic interface reduces this workload dramatically by looking into AutoCAD, retrieving the relevant data, and importing that into Syteline. Syteline, in turn, feeds the interface relevant information AutoCAD needs to retain accuracy. Now, it is possible to Add, Update, and Delete Current Materials, Current Operations, Current Operation Notes as well as Add Items to the Item Maintenance. This is a joint development with Ochoa Consulting and will require up to 2 months of consulting effort for Implementation and Integration.

Other Progress Resources – With over a decade in the PROGRESS/4GL realm, the list of PROGRESS/4GL Reports and Utilites our resources have created is simply too numerous to list here. We invite you to contact us to find the Progress utility or report that fits your needs. We have over 900 Progress Reports and Utilities already created and available at reduced prices.

Most utilities can be provided over the internet to your internal Information Systems staff for easy installation. Installation support by Eclipse Consulting, Inc. can be included in the cost of purchase. In the future, we will offer secure payment and immediate download of Progress reports and utilities, as well as standard Progress add-on packages, however, currently you will need to contact us for purchasing information.

Contact an ECI consultant to learn more about Progress ERP Solutions from ECI. We look forward to providing the solution for you!



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