Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are not just a passing trend; literally billions of people use these mediums daily to communicate and research with friends, family, and now brands.

Your business cannot afford to ignore these potential customers, so how can you capitalize on these new avenues of communication? With Social CRM.


Social CRM

As we’ve mentioned before, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is used to organize and analyze all of your customer data in one place (such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM). Social CRM takes that practice one step further by collecting even more customer data from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. and feeding it into your CRM solution.

Social CRM is on the cutting edge of customer relationship management. Today’s consumers complete around 70% of their purchasing processes online through reviews, forums, brand pages, and friendly advice on social networks; all of this data factors in to whether a customer chooses your company or another. By collecting and monitoring this data in your CRM system you can leverage the information to improve your customer service, offer new products, and deal directly with your customers. Social CRM enables businesses to interact with their customers in mutually beneficial ways.


Social CRM in business

It isn’t enough to use Social CRM as just another marketing outlet; your customers don’t want to be bombarded with one sided advertising campaigns on their Facebook or Pinterest page. That’s why we are seeing the dawn of Social Enterprises; companies that use Social CRM as a two way street to communicate with their customers.

By seeking out and engaging your customers online, you are not only giving them a more secure bond with your brand but also unearthing even more useful data to go into your CRM system. A Social Enterprise cares about striking up a dialogue with customers so that they get a more in-depth view of what they really think and want, thus improving the quality of the company’s services/products.

Social CRM is the new way in which we gather important data about our customers, and also how companies learn to adjust their strategy. By integrating social media with your existing CRM system your business will benefit from first hand information about what your customers are thinking and feeling.

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