A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution can undoubtedly improve your company’s bottom line, yet the only way it will do that is if you or your team recognize the opportunities as soon as they appear in the sales pipeline.

That’s where Mobile CRM comes into the picture.


In this digital age of on-the-go information, it makes sense that you would want real-time access to your CRM solution. It contains all the information you need to turn a lead into an opportunity, and an opportunity into a sale. With Mobile CRM you can see that data and utilize it immediately, updating your team the moment it happens.

Most top-tier CRM solutions have a mobile offering (ECI specializes in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in case you’re curious), giving their users an instant view of how their company is dealing with customers. Whether your CRM solution is hosted or on-premise, you are still able to direct your team through your CRM while out in the field or even on vacation. You’ll never have to worry about missing that golden opportunity if you can see it arrive immediately, giving you ample time to inform the right people of what the next move should be while simultaneously changing the status of that customer for all to see.


A CRM solution has all the data your business needs to thrive. By enabling your CRM for mobile use, you get the same resources and functionality synced directly to your mobile device. Need to visit a client? Click their address from inside the CRM and navigate there from your GPS map. Want to change your ad campaign after seeing a billboard? Notify your entire marketing team from your phone. Just closed a deal? Enter the information into the mobile application so everyone can see how the numbers change your figures.

For every CRM feature that improves your business, there is a need to make it mobile. By having mobile access to the data that controls your business, you can rest easy knowing that your customers are in the best possible hands; yours.