Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is all the rage these days. Yet with so many different brands and options available, how do you choose the best one?

That’s where we come in. Though we can’t tell you here which CRM software is the best fit for your business (we do that here), we can give you an enthusiastic outline of one our favorite products; Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Microsoft first released their CRM offering in 2003, and have continuously updated it over the last 10 years to meet modern demands and expectations. Now known worldwide as “Dynamics CRM“, Microsoft has aimed this software at improving small-to-medium sized business’ customer interactions. The idea behind Dynamics CRM is simple; keep your current customers happy, build new relationships and reignite old ones.

The real beauty of Dynamics CRM is its seamless integration with a multitude of Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Excel, SharePoint, and more. While most CRM systems claim to have this functionality, it’s only natural that nothing works better with Microsoft than Microsoft. They also spend $1.8 billion a year on Research & Development which enables their CRM software to keep up with current market demands.  


Aside from the obvious compatibility benefits from using integrated Microsoft products, Dynamics CRM is also the most cost-effective solution on the market. When compared to other products that offer similar functionality, Dynamics CRM is able to bring you the most return-on-investment in contrast to how much it costs to implement/license.

The longer you spend rolling out a CRM implementation, the less ROI you will see. However, because Dynamics CRM uses the familiar Microsoft user interface you can have your CRM system up and running much faster than if your team had to learn an entirely new program. Combine that with ECI’s extensive experience with the software and you’ve got a winning combination in the least amount of time.

We at ECI pride ourselves on our level of expertise and dedication to your business, and with Dynamics CRM we can assure you that we will get it right the first time, every time. We feel that your business will see not only see an increase in ROI, but efficiency and productivity as well. We work hand in hand to ensure that your team has the best tools and immediate support they need to get the most out of your Dynamics CRM solution.