Infor Ming.le is an internal social hub for your organization that combines collaboration and communication with business process improvements and contextual analytics. By giving you innovative social tools in a business environment, Ming.le provides seamless access to your business tools and processes with interconnected communication. Infor Ming.le is fully embedded with your organizational systems such as ERP, financials, and CRM – allowing all employees to communicate, collaborate, and share information. From documents and workflows to photos and inventory items – Infor Ming.le connects your entire organization like never before, putting everything your team needs right at their fingertips.

With personalized homepages that showcase the alerts, tasks, and analytics data pertinent to individual employees, Infor Ming.le can provide contextual intelligence, increase response times, and prevent problems before they happen. By making your ERP and other internal systems searchable from within Ming.le, teams and groups can find exactly what they need and use drillback capabilities to find any connected business objects that give them the full picture. You can even share or follow objects such as inventory items and important customers to receive notifications so you never miss an update or change.

Once your organization collaborating using Infor Ming.le, you will wonder how you ever worked without it.

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With components that help you simplify your communications and improve business processes, Infor Ming.le is the tool your organization has been waiting for.

Here are some of the features that make Infor Ming.le an efficient and integral member of your business systems:

  • Paparazzi: follow social objects and people, delivering automatic notifications. Know when a certain inventory item is about to run out or get updated when a top customer makes a new purchase order; you decide what is important.
  • Contextual Intelligence: by combining real-time information from systems such as ERP and finances and more, Ming.le can automatically detect the type of work you are doing and display information relevant to that task.
  • Ming.le Mobile: Ming.le’s mobile capabilities allow you to work smarter and faster at any time from any location. Deal with critical alerts and tasks as they arrive to keep your business moving efficiently.
  • Tasks and Alerts: filter, view, and monitor critical tasks and alerts as defined by you so that the right people get the right notifications at the right time. Use the built-in workflows interface to push information to the appropriate people when problems arise.
  • Drill Back: analytics and reports in Ming.le feature full drill back functionality, allowing you to see supporting information and data on any objects. If you notice a signifcant change, you can drill back to see where or how it occurred and more.
  • Streams: organize recurring conversations and decision-making processes around a business topic or campaign. Collaborate to complete activities with polls, tasks, attachments, and meeting dates around each activity.
  • Infor Communities: extend your Infor Ming.le platform to external participants such as vendors and partners, facilitating structured communication and business processes. Bring others into your new and efficient communications tool.


Make better decisions, faster. Infor Ming.le remodels business software as we know it, providing innovative social collaboration technology and translating it into an internal business environment – fully integrated across your business software systems instead of just added on.

  • Increase productivity by delivering information instantly and allowing your team to work more efficiently. No more overflowing email inboxes and disjointed group projects; put important data where people can easily find it, share it, and access it.
  • Keep track of critical corporate knowledge instead of losing it amidst information silos created by email and instant messaging. Fully accessible from one place, and easily edited.
  • Attract and retain top talent by providing innovative modern technology that reflects the social world we all live in. Let your team experience and enjoy their business the way they do in their day to day lives.
  • Improve decision making by putting relevant information and data at your employees fingertips in real-time. Sharing knowledge and fostering collaboration has never ben easier.