CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP from Infor is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution of choice for over 5,000 manufacturers worldwide, and ECI has been working with this ERP solution since its inception. With over 15 years of experience, we have helped 400+ companies like yours achieve top-quality, cost effective solutions. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) can assist your business.

CloudSuite Industrial is an ERP solution that gives you the smart functionality your business needs to face the challenges of modern manufacturers and distributors. With this ERP, you will be able to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Plan and schedule order by order
  • Increase forecasting speed and accuracy
  • Minimize error-prone manual steps
  • Deliver orders on time, every time
  • Reduce inventory levels and shortages
  • Leverage innovative technologies

A CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) solution from ECI gives you the visibility and transparency of data needed to address your key obstacles. From repetitive to engineer-to-order processes, this ERP solution will accelerate production so you can meet customer demands.

ECI has built a strong core proficiency in the technical solution of Enterprise Resource Planning systems – we bring best practices, experience, and expertise to augment your ERP project, and we believe we can bring your business the success it deserves.

Take a look at some of our CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP implementation snapshots for a glimpse at what a typical SyteLine ERP project from ECI entails. We also offer a range of ready-made and custom add ons for CloudSuite Industrial here. To learn more about CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP, click through our popular SyteLine FAQ.



What is CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP? Learn about the features, capabilities, options, and updates to Infor’s SyteLine ERP solution by visiting our popular “What is SyteLine?” FAQ page.


As a manufacturer, you understand the need to keep IT operations lean while also being able to adapt business applications to changing requirements.

You already know that your first step should be implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application; to improve productivity, shorten time-to-market, and reduce operational costs.

However, because business is never static, manufacturers frequently have to extend and adapt their ERP applications to meet new demands. Most ERP solutions are difficult to tailor to your business without expensive and non-upgradable programming, resulting in either huge costs or out of date software.

That’s where Infor’s CloudSuite Industrial(SyteLine) ERP is different.

CloudSuite Industrial has a unique architecture that provides an easy, cost-efficient way to extend and adapt the solution to fit your changing business requirements. Thanks to Infor Mongoose, CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) offers:

  • Microsoft .NET and Native Microsoft Server technologies throughout
  • The ability to extend and adapt the SyteLine application to a virtually unlimited extent with no or minimal programming and with automatic upgrades of your changes
  • Easy and powerful integration to your other software
  • The ability to access any screen as a web page, including on mobile devices
  • Simple and flexible installation and configuration
  • A rich user experience that maximizes employee productivity and extends to key customers and suppliers
  • Outstanding diagnostics and monitoring capabilities
  • Agile Cloud deployments


  • Improved financials for global companies.
  • Single instance multi-site databases are supported.
  • Enhanced the advanced planning system (APS).
  • Users an now account for fluctuating commodity prices and surcharges, across any number of commodity exchange services, on customer and vendor orders.
  • Added forms to define and track promotional pricing and rebates to use as customer incentives.
  • Added forms to define and track company’s compliance with hazardous materials programs such as REACH and ROHS.
  • Users can now use multiple dimensions and attributes to analyze the Chart of Accounts and posted ledger transactions. Use predefined dimensions and attributes, or create your own.
  • Many former add-on products are now included as optional modules in the base SyteLine installation. (Most modules still require separate licensing.) This reduces the installation steps required for optional modules and allows Infor to more easily provide issue fixes for these modules.
  • If you develop forms, you can provide a more consumer-oriented user interface with features such as Drag/Drop, better image handling, multi-device layouts, tiling, and styles/themes.
  • Enhanced support for Cloud deployments and development.