At ECI, we have used CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP to tackle everything from full-scale, multi-site implementations and conversions to the small, smart enhancements that help our customers get through their day a little faster. Please read through these real-world examples (snapshots) below to see what you may have in common with some of our customers…


Getting rid of the physical” is just one example of how an intelligent enhancement to SyteLine has benefited some of our customers.

Conducting a yearly physical inventory is an accepted and painful part of most manufacturing operations. This dedicated counting time usually means a stop in production and shipping, which of course equates to a substantial loss of booked revenue for that period. Not so for one ECI customer; they have moved to an ongoing Cycle Counting method which sustains a 96% or better accuracy count throughout the year. CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) has a competent Cycle Counting capability and with some customizations to this built in capability, we have given our customer back a solid two weeks of production, not to mention better inventory accuracy and budgeting abilities throughout the year.

After detailed discussions and some creative thinking, ECI was able to help this multinational company, through both process and technology changes, to realize savings at a factor of 400% ROI.


Company Need: ECI was contacted by a Global European-based manufacturer of industrial components. The company was undertaking a multi-country, multi-language pack Go-Live stretched over the course of 18 months. In the extensive piloting and testing the in-house resources had accomplished, problems were found with Multi-Site Replication which were associated when multi lingual databases were brought on-line.

ECI Solution: ECI provided consultants first in a remote capacity (and later onsite in Europe for a few weeks) to assist in reviewing Multisite SL7 Replication between the already-live three sites and ensure things would work smoothly in the future, when the other sites with different languages came online.

Outcome: The company is now live with eight sites – additional countries will come on line over the next 2 years, this has been assisted by the replication that has been put in place which ECI has created.


Company Need: ECI was contacted by a Global Manufacturer of equipment for the oil and gas industry one week into their Syteline 7 implementation, converting from Oracle 10g. This Texas based company wanted to gain an in-house, vendor-independent Syteline expert, and had received positive feedback regarding ECI from industry inquiries.

ECI Solution: ECI provided Derik Aldridge as a full-time, onsite resource to assist in all key decisions and provide hands-on management of many components of the Syteline implementation. Due to the project timeline and the inordinate amount of work to be accomplished, ECI provided 2 additional offsite Syteline development resources. ECI’s role included decision facilitation, data migration, custom report development, custom integrations, user training, and database creation and management.

Outcome: This company has been live on Syteline7 since 12/02; with Norwich, UK being the first of many sites to go live! ECI subsequently assisted the company in performing an upgrade from SL7.02 to SL7.04 and ensuring all modifications migrated correctly.


Company Need: ECI was contacted by another US manufacturing company, specializing in media separation capitol equipment, to assist with an upgrade from SL5 and SL6. Three years prior, ECI had assisted with automating several user processes related to Syteline 5 and Syteline 6 at different facilities for the same company. This client now had a tight timeline and many customizations to do, as well as massive data transformations to accomplish to meet a deadline.

Eclipse Solution: ECI brought Tony Ochoa, Robert Dupont, Scott Ruffing, and Derik Aldridge into this project to augment the talented internal resources the client had on staff. Additionally, ECI was given the highly visible task of transforming data from multiple subsidiaries, making the databases truly seamless and allowing a combined Chart of Accounts, Item Master, Customer Master, and Vendor Master – ECI was able to bring a decade of similar experience to this opportunity!

Outcome: Working closely with the FTE team the client had already assembled, ECI was able to ensure the project timeline was met, having all customizations ready and user-acceptance tested several weeks prior to the upgrade! A single COA is in use; Customer, Vendor, Product Code, and Item information is successfully streamlined and integrated.


Company Need: A US luxury vehicle manufacturing company was converting from stand-alone departmental-based solutions to Syteline and had specific needs revolving around the Bills of Materials, and processes, as well as large data conversion needs.

ECI Solution: ECI provided Derik Aldridge and Tony Ochoa to assist with custom programming; data conversions, BOM manipulation/efficiencies, and also designed and created a custom interface between Syteline and Autocad, eliminating the need for dual-entry and reducing engineering overhead.

Outcome: This client has been live on Syteline since 12/00 and has streamlined many processes central to Syteline, engineering, and production planning, due to the software tools ECI was able to design and implement.


Company Need: Working in partnership with another SyteLine consulting firm, ECI was brought into a global machinery manufacturing company based in Houston, TX with 45 offices and plants in 27 countries. The goal was to convert at least 12 sites to SyteLine 7.04.20 from their in-house system, while simultaneously training their existing IT staff to support the new Syteline platform. Multisite, Multicurrency and Language Packs were all in consideration.

ECI Solution: ECI provided 8 team members to accomplish all facets of Implementation, SyteLine training, workflow, custom programming, data conversions, and is currently supporting ongoing needs (4+ year relationship) and has developed multiple interfaces for much great process efficiency.

Outcome: This client site has been live on Syteline since 03/06 and has a continuing relationship with ECI for overflow work and for streamlining processes central to their operations and customer service.


Company Need: A Global Material Handling and Size Reduction corporation, with 15 companies, contacted ECI for assistance with migrating from FourthShift to Symix 4.1.

Eclipse Solution: While the original project was delayed due to user readiness…having uncovered the broadness of ECI’s experience, the company engaged ECI on four other projects simultaneously for ERP migrations and a support contract (SLA). ECI completed two migrations in 2009 and two more migrations in Q1 and Q2 2010. Through a Support Level Agreement, the company has gained near-immediate access to our resources, in-house testing servers and extensive knowledge on multiple ERP systems.

Outcome: Many ongoing successes and a mutually-beneficial partnership. ECI resources are often told how helpful and responsive we are to the users needs and urgent business issues.