EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) is a highly configurable enterprise-level asset management solution from Infor that gives manufacturers the insight and visibility you need to refine your operations at a lower cost. EAM is essential for companies who want deep visibility into their assets as well as the ability to manage performance and maximize resources. Contact an ECI consultant today to find out how an EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) solution can assist your business.

EAM is a business software solution that gives you the features your business needs to face the regulatory and maintenance challenges of modern manufacturers and distributors. With EAM, you will get:

  • Advanced scheduling abilities
  • Health, safety, and environmental safeguards
  • Maintenance optimization
  • Analytical tools
  • Notification and workflow feature
  • Mobile deployment

An EAM solution from ECI allows manufacturers to recognize priorities, increase asset visibility, analyze patterns, and respond more effectively. Companies that utilize EAM solutions can reduce costs and reduce risk simultaneously. Perform at higher levels of reliability, quality, and safety without the need for more resources with EAM.

ECI has built a strong core proficiency in the technical solution of enterprise-leve business software systems – we bring best practices, experience, and expertise to augment your project, and we believe we can bring your business the success it deserves.

Take a look at some of our implementation snapshots for a glimpse at what a typical project from ECI entails. We also offer a range of enterprise business software solutions to augment your system.



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No matter your specific specialization, Infor EAM has a version fit for your needs. Preconfigured to focus on the unique demands of various verticals, Infor EAM has an edition for multiple industries such as:

  • MANUFACTURING – Increase plant and equipment performance. Eliminate unforeseen downtime, identify and manage energy waste, and improve compliance.
  • HEALTHCARE – Ensure reliability of facilities and equipment. Minimize risk while complying with up-to-date regulations.
  • HOSPITALITY – Track, report, and repair all deficiencies to improve guest experience. Be prepared for new challenges such as meeting energy standards.
  • PUBLIC SECTOR – Manage preventative maintenance for better responsiveness. Improved upkeep of municipal water, sewer, and transit systems as well as equipment.
  • OIL & GAS – Avoid downtime and stop failures before they occur. Efficiently manage linear, point, and component based structure assets.


With an Infor EAM solution from ECI, you can improve:

  • Maintenance – Schedule preventative maintenance and assign resources to where they will be most beneficial.
  • Uptime – Find out where and why certain assets could fail and plan alternatives.
  • Risk Management – Predict equipment problems quickly so you can prevent them from failing.
  • Inventory and Warranty – Reduce inventory and purchasing costs while collection on warrant claims.
  • Strategic Planning – Manage assets so as to meet corporate performance goals.